Jun 7, 2013

Las Cruces, NM (June 7, 2013) - Today, U.S Congressman Steve Pearce released the following statement on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s proposal to continue the failed Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program in New Mexico and Arizona, even while allowing other western states to manage wolf populations at the state and local level.

“The US Fish and Wildlife Service has proven once again that it would rather play to special interests than listen to the citizens of New Mexico,” Pearce said. “I hear constantly from New Mexicans who have been gripped by fear when a wolf approaches their home or their family.  Ranchers in New Mexico see firsthand the terror that these predators bring when they destroy their livestock—often without any compensation.  The needs of New Mexicans are more important that Washington politics—it is time to put an end to this dangerous, wasteful, and failed program.  I will request that the Fish and Wildlife Service hold an open public hearing, so they can hear our stories straight from the New Mexicans who have lived in fear for far too long.  New Mexicans are better equipped than Washington bureaucrats to manage local populations, and should have the same freedom to do so as other western states.”

After millions of dollars spent and over a decade of efforts, the Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program is an outright failure, with populations unable to achieve any measurable successes—even as wolf populations elsewhere have thrived.  Congressman Pearce has been a consistent opponent of continuing to pour money into an unsuccessful experiment that jeopardizes the lives and livelihoods of countless New Mexicans.