Oct 23, 2013

Roswell, NM (October 23, 2013) – Responding to the Fish and Wildlife Service’s (FWS) announcement in support of existing plans to protect the Lesser Prairie Chicken, U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce today issued the following statement:

“I agree with the FWS that the existing Range Wide Plan is a strong solution for the conservation of the Lesser Prairie Chicken,” said Pearce.  “State governments, as well as local farmers, ranchers, and businesses, have gone to great lengths to take initiative in the conservation of this species, and their efforts should be lauded.  Since we can all agree to the strength and effectiveness of the five-state Range Wide Plan, a listing under the Endangered Species Act is clearly an unnecessary measure that would have a detrimental impact on our local economies, and cut funding for education, emergency response, and other key programs our communities rely on.”

The FWS today endorsed the five-state Range Wide Plan developed by state game and fish directors.  Today’s announcement will allow for greater flexibility for participants in the plan if the species is listed.  The final decision on whether to list the species under the Endangered Species Act is due this spring.