Jan 28, 2014

Washington, DC (January 28, 2014) – This evening, U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce issued the following statement on the State of the Union Address:

“While I appreciate the President’s optimism, New Mexicans were hoping for solutions and answers to the problems facing us,” said Pearce.  “Tens of thousands of New Mexicans have had their health insurance plans cancelled, and only a fraction of the initial goal have actually signed up.  Last month’s jobs report showed the worst labor force participation rate in decades.  The national debt continues to rise, driving inflation and hurting retirees and those on fixed incomes.  The President failed to provide any answers for struggling people in New Mexico and across the country.”

“I was disappointed to hear the President talk of more executive action, instead of more bipartisan cooperation with Congress,” Pearce continued.  “The New Mexicans I talk to every day—people facing unemployment, lost insurance, rising costs, and other challenges—need to have their voices heard in Washington, not to be cut out of the legislative process entirely.”