Nov 15, 2012

Washington, DC (November 12, 2012) - This Veterans Day Weekend, U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce visited New Mexico National Guard troops in the Middle East. He toured key areas, met with officers, and spent time with a National Guard unit deployed in the Sinai to monitor the border between Israel and Egypt. 

In advance of the trip, Rep. Pearce worked closely with local businesses to generate a list of high-paying jobs ready for returning troops.  While overseas, he shared this list with New Mexico National Guard members preparing to return home, in an effort to make sure our service members are able to find good employment after their time abroad.

“I was proud to spend this Veterans Day weekend in the company of our heroic troops stationed in foreign fields,” said Pearce.  “All too often, our troops face forgotten struggles when they return home, not least of which is the difficulty of providing for themselves and their families.  Countless soldiers I visited with told me they worry constantly about finding a job back home.  I was glad to help them find potential employers, and I will continue to work to find jobs for our men and women in uniform as they come home to New Mexico.”

The list included comprehensive information on over fifty high-paying jobs in New Mexico with companies eager to hire returning troops. Pearce, who has made jobs his top priority in Congress, has hosted job fairs across southern New Mexico throughout the last two years.  Most recently, he partnered with White Sands Missile Range and local businesses to help military families find jobs. 

Pearce also spent time touring key areas in the region, and discussing current operations with troops and officers.  The New Mexico National Guard has been part of the MFO since February and will soon begin transitioning back to the United States.  During his visits to North and South Camps and  more than 10 observation posts, Congressman Pearce emphasized to the soldiers how thankful he and the American people are for their important work in protecting peace in the region.  Congressman Pearce also promised to assist returning soldiers however possible in their transition home. Brigadier General Andrew Salas, senior officer for the National Guard of New Mexico, accompanied Congressman Pearce on the visit.

As Congress resumes its session this week, Pearce said that spending time with our troops in the Middle East is vital to understanding our military situation abroad.