Poem by Andy Lopez

Andy Lopez, at 10th grade student at Santa Teresa High School wrote the following poem about our soldiers:

The Bravest Men in the World

The Bravest Men in the World, are those in the war

Fighting for our country and the people they adore

They sacrifice their valuable lives for us everyday

And remain loyal to the U.S.A.

Everyday, these soldiers experience tremendous fear

It tortures their mind and heart and it won't disappear

But a soldier's honor can kill their fright

A soldier is a god, full of pride

When a soldier dies, their loved ones cry and mourn

They were meant to be heroes, since the day that they were born

Souls of Sacred Soldiers scattered in heaven

Soldiers have been dying since September eleven

Soldiers are like inspiring warriors, which will always be remembered

They are all honored on the eleventh of November

They are admired for being courageous and brave

Including those who are beyond the grave