Tele-Town Hall Polls

I held a Tele-Town Hall meeting with constituents from New Mexico's Second Congressional District on Wednesday, February 15th. We discussed border security, immigration, taxes and healthcare, and other issues important to New Mexicans.

It was a very successful meeting, and gave me a chance to connect with more than 10,000 constituents. We also offered poll questions during the course of the meeting. The questions and results are below.

Poll Questions:

Question #1

HEALTHCARE: Do you think we should repeal and replace Obamacare:   

YES: 58%

NO: 42%

Question #2

BORDER SECURITY: Do you believe constructing a physical wall is the solution to border security?

YES: 50%

NO: 50%

Question #3

TELE-TOWN HALL PLATFORM: Do you find these tele-town halls a useful, good conversation?

YES: 83%

NO: 17%

MEDIA: Do you believe the Media is creating news to damage the Trump Administration?

YES: 63%

NO: 37%