Sep 26, 2018

Washington, DC (September 26, 2018) Today, the House of Representatives voted to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Included in the reauthorization is a bill introduced by Congressman Pearce to modernize the Roswell International Air center through the Military Airport Program (MAP).

“Today’s reauthorization of the FAA will ensure that both commercial airlines and general aviation enthusiast can continue to operate in a safe and productive manner. In addition to providing aviation certainty, this bill funds disaster relief programs for the communities impacted and now recovering from Hurricane Florence. This legislation also includes legislation I introduced that will benefit Roswell International Air Center and its surrounding communities,” said Pearce.

“My bill expands MAP to ensure that the original intent of the law is followed and that all military installations closed after 1965 are eligible for the infrastructure and modernization available under MAP. Roswell International Air Center has become a major economic driver for the city and Chaves County. Passage of my bill into law will assist the Air Center in making additional infrastructure improvements and attracting more businesses to the area. I appreciate the City of Roswell and Chaves County’s dedication to promoting economic opportunity and diversification at the airport. I am proud to be able to assist the community by passing this legislation today,” Pearce continued.

“Congressman Pearce’s inclusion of his MAP bill into the FAA reauthorization will provide a great economic impact not only to the city of Roswell, but to all of Chaves County. Allowing us to apply for MAP grants will help continue to make our Air Center an international attraction. I appreciate Congressman Pearce, for listening the community and having the determination to get this important piece of legislation included in the FAA reauthorization. I look forward to seeing the lasting impacts that this piece of legislation will have on our great city.” —Robert Corn, Chaves County Commissioner

“On behalf of the citizens of Roswell and all of New Mexico I wish express my thanks to Congressman Pearce for his work in getting his MAP reform bill included in the FAA re-authorization. This legislation allows Roswell International Air Center, the former Walker AFB, to apply for grants that we have never been able to seek before. These grants  help communities transform former  military bases into centers of economic development. This benefits not just Roswell, or the region but all of the State of New Mexico. I wrote to Congressman Pearce six months ago and a problem that has festered for decades has been corrected. Thank You Congressman Pearce.” —Dennis Kintigh, Mayor of Roswell