Jul 13, 2017 Issues: Economy and Jobs

Washington, D.C. (July 12, 2017) The U.S. House of Representatives today passed H.R. 23, the Gaining Responsibility on Water (Grow) Act, with an amendment sponsored by Congressman Steve Pearce. This provision ensures that current and future tribal water rights are protected under the bill.

“Water is a vital resource in New Mexico and is essential for economic growth to occur. Tribes in my district and across New Mexico have historically relied on the use of water for agricultural production and other uses that are essential to their economies and livelihoods. Without the sufficient protection of their water rights, the government could potentially attack their liberties. I appreciate Representative Torres' willingness to offer this amendment with me to strengthen this bill for tribal communities around the country.”

Click on the image below to watch Rep. Pearce’s full floor speech or click here.

The GROW Act includes important policy reforms that deal with the management of water and the preservation of water rights. This bill will modernize the water policies already in place to better protect communities that are prone to severe droughts and increase their access to reliable water supplies.

“The strength of rural economies in New Mexico and across the nation rely on the proper management and protection of water resources. We cannot develop our communities and our economies without the confidence that the infrastructure used to store, treat, and distribute water is properly maintained. Western states like New Mexico have unique water rights that, in some cases, were determined to statehood. I support this bill today as it takes action to ensure New Mexicans’ rights to water will remain protected and places a greater focus on the safety of water for people and families across the nation.”