Sep 25, 2018

Washington, DC (September 24, 2018) Congressman Steve Pearce introduced legislation to re-name a Las Cruces veterans clinic as the Las Cruces Bataan Memorial Clinic. This legislation, the Las Cruces Bataan Memorial Clinic Act, was introduced in the House of Representatives.

“For the veterans of New Mexico, the Battle of Bataan holds a significant place in their history of service for our nation. Nearly 2,000 of the men involved in the Bataan Death March were members of New Mexico National Guard. Facing unspeakable hardship, the soldiers of Bataan looked danger head on for the sake of freedom and their fellow brothers in arms”, Pearce said.

“In an effort to honor the Battling Bastards of Bataan and to pay respect to all servicemembers who have valiantly served our country, I am proud to have introduced the ‘Las Cruces Bataan Memorial Clinic Act’. This bill pays only a small tribute to the soldiers that made that treacherous march, and to the families of the loved ones who never made it home. After receiving multiple letters of support from numerous veteran groups and elected officials in the community, it was clear that this was the best way to honor all of our veterans who put service before self, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our nation’s freedoms”.

Below, please find quotes from the support that my office received, along with the link to the complete content of the letters:

“We must honor these soldiers that sacrificed so much for this country and this community. We must never forget the epic struggle these courageous men went through. In closing, I will leave you with the words of a Lieutenant from the battlefield, “Bataan has fallen, but the spirit that made it stand - - a beacon to all the liberty-loving peoples pf the world - - cannot fall.” -Letter from The Alamogordo Retired Chiefs (E9) Group

“The Support for one another and perseverance displayed by the New Mexicans in the Bataan Death March exemplifies the American spirit. To express our gratitude, we support this bill to designate this clinic as the Las Cruces Bataan Memorial Clinic.” -Letter from the Disabled American Veterans of District 4 NM

“Our veterans deserve the representation and recognition they have rightfully earned, which is why the Lincoln/Otero Veterans Leadership Council supports the naming of the Las Cruces, New Mexico Community Outpatient Center after the service members who bravely fought in the Battle of Bataan.” -Letter form the Lincoln/Otero Veterans Leadership Council

“The families in this community would also be greatly honored to have the new outpatient center renamed after their loved ones who suffered so much during their four years of captivity. It would be a profound honor to our community and nation to have this center after those veterans.” -Letter form the VFW Post 3242