Apr 5, 2017 Issues: Economy and Jobs, Energy

Washington, DC (April 5, 2017) Congressman Steve Pearce sent a letter to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) after discovering they are being prohibited from delivering a $69 million payment to the State of New Mexico due to protests from extreme “environmental” groups.  In order for New Mexico to receive these funds in this fiscal year, BLM must resolve the two protests and sign an environmental analysis.

“New Mexico’s children, elderly, disabled, as well as our health and education programs are being held hostage by these professional lawyer activists groups.  Through no fault of its own, the BLM is forced to delay payment of these funds.  As a result, this will have a major impact on the stability and future of New Mexico’s budget," stated Rep. Pearce.  "We face difficult financial decisions as we near the end of the fiscal year, and need these funds for our schools, roads, hospitals, and other important infrastructure projects.  Without these funds, the State could potentially find itself in violation of the New Mexico State Constitution, which requires that the State end each fiscal year with a balanced budget. The result of this delay would mean additional cuts to the State budget that our communities would not benefit from.”

In September 2016, BLM made a $145.6 million oil and gas lease sale in Roswell, NM.  Rep. Pearce requests that BLM complete these protests as quickly as possible to ensure payment to New Mexico.

Read the full letter to BLM here.