Feb 13, 2017 Issues: Economy and Jobs

Los Lunas, NM (February 13, 2017) Congressman Steve Pearce released the following statement on the proposition of a new oil refinery in New Mexico:

“I continue to pursue and work for opportunities that can bring jobs and greater economic development to the state of New Mexico.  One item of note is the construction and operation of a new oil refinery that would be built using private funds.  I have offered to work with the democrat leadership in the State House and Senate to get the most environmentally friendly, state of the art construction," stated Rep. Pearce.

Rep. Pearce continued to state, "our state has infrastructure that can potentially strengthen our communities and promote production capabilities.  I will continue to meet with groups and listen to the people in our communities as we work towards a stronger New Mexico.”

Starting in 2013, Rep. Pearce has been meeting with representatives from the financial community, oil refining business, transportation, construction, Native American business development, and oil and gas exploration.  Most recently, Rep. Pearce has presented this infrastructure opportunity to the Trump Administration.