Feb 13, 2018

Washington, D.C. (February 12, 2018) Congressman Steve Pearce released the following statement on President Trump’s 2019 budget request titled An American Budget:

“It is imperative that we come together to establish a balanced and sustainable budget. The American people deserve certainty. Creating ten-year spending projects with the goal of reducing our crushing debt and deficit is critical to the future success of our nation.

There is much to be encouraged by in this request. The White House remains committed to rebuilding our nation’s military and defenses, it continues to prioritize the reduction of burdensome and duplicative regulations, it supports New Mexico’s federal facilities, and it strives to make a real dent in our nation’s ever-growing debts.

At the same time, this proposal is not perfect. There are several areas of the proposal that will need to be examined in greater depth to ensure that, as a nation, we are taking appropriate steps to solving our nation’s budget crisis, while also meeting our commitments to the American people. Keep in mind, however, the President’s budget proposal today is just that – a suggestion of priorities for Congress to consider while establishing the spending plan for the upcoming year. I look forward to building off the proposal put out by the President today, and working with my colleagues in Congress in setting a course that will protect and support our New Mexico communities.”