Sep 27, 2018

Washington, D.C. (September 27, 2018) Last night, the House of Representatives voted to continue funding for the Department of Defense as well as Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education.

“It is our job in Congress to ensure that the government is funded. While it is unfortunate that the bill voted on last night only provides a temporary funding through December 7, it will still ensure that our government remains open and funded. Congress has more work to do to provide the certain federal agencies and the American people deserve, but this is a stepping stone.”

“In addition to funding the government, this legislation fully funds and honors our commitment to America’s military. New Mexico is home to numerous military bases and military personnel. Our state is a leader in military research, development, and testing. This is why, to me, ensuring our military is properly funded is a top priority for New Mexico. Not only will this funding bill directly impact our military, it will provide the means necessary for maintenance, training, and base operations –preparing and modernizing our Armed Forces for the future. I am glad to see our service men and women receiving a 2.6% pay raise which is the largest pay raise our military members have seen in nine years. This funding ensures care for not only our troops but their families and veterans, as well. While no amount of funding can express the appreciation and respect I have for our troops, who bravely face danger in order to protect the freedom we enjoy, it will ensure that they are properly supported and funded to be at their best.”