Jun 27, 2018

Washington, DC (June 27, 2018) Today, the House of Representatives voted on the Border Security and Immigration Reform Act as a step in the right direction for securing the border and fixing our broken immigration system.

“I firmly believe that as Americans, we must treat all people with respect. This includes families who risk everything to come across our borders seeking hope, freedom, and prosperity. Today, Congress provided a solution and I voted to support that solution. In no way are today’s action perfect, but it takes positive steps in the right direction. Congress can no longer sit idly by and ignore the fact our immigration laws must be changed. In Congress you have an up or down vote. The choice comes down to – is this action going to improve upon the system we currently have in place or not? The compromise bill undeniably makes positive improvements.  It provides a permanent solution for DACA – something I have been calling for since the day AG Sessions ended the program, it includes a permanent solution for families crossing the border, it works to secure the border through technology –not a wall, and modernizes the green card process. Is this the bill I would have drafted and passed had I been the one solely responsible? No. But it is one that moves our nation forward.”